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About This Project

From the start of my project, the focus was on textile design and experimentation, but also on the use of the resulting textiles for the production of everyday objects. 

In the beginning, they were portable objects, but the nature of a living project always leads to the incorporation of new fields of action. And so, naturally, the need arose to add the sphere of inhabiting to the act of carrying, and hence the printed works were transferred to objects that occupy everyday interior spaces. 

Cushions were the first objects to be produced and conceived for interiors, and they opened the door to new possibilities. 

Luckily, we cannot do everything ourselves, so collaborative work is the best way to grow. The key is to find like-minded people and projects to share the passion for design and the adventure of undertaking new endeavours, and that is exactly what happened with Colindante. We have poured our joint efforts in the lamps presented to you here, which you can also find at Colindante.

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