The project

The dialectics between design and experimentation form the nucleus on which my entire work is based.

I work configuring each design during the printing process itself and, as such, each shape and colour is added to the textile surface individually and one at a time. This is not a mechanical process, but a creative, lengthy and reflective one, in which changes are made to the initial idea, and which are the result of the experimentation on the fabric. Conceived as a work of art, and a result of this dynamic between planning and happening, each piece of fabric is unique.


Focused on the artisanal printing process, my laboratory and textile studio serves as an alternative field of activity, while complementing my pictorial work, as it generates new aesthetic possibilities arising from the use of techniques unique to the world of textiles, with the aim of providing areas of exploration, dialogue and fusion between art and design.


In addition to producing my own textile items and murals, I work from my studio in partnership with interior designers, decorators, architects and designers from different areas, producing items specifically created for joint projects.


These assignments are mirrored in the artisanal and experimental nature of my work or may be regarded as creations conceived in digital format, specifically designed to be reproduced on an industrial scale and printed on different surfaces or in large quantities.

Federico Antelo

Visual artist and textile designer. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently based in Madrid.